As a company, we know how much you care about your employees, clients and collaborators. A lot. That is why we offer you Corporate Tennis Days and Employee Tennis Training in order to keep them engaged and motivated.

Corporate Tennis Days

At Fit In Tennis we provide tailor-made corporate tennis days for your company’s employees and collaborators as a form of incentive and gratitude for their daily hard work and commitment.

Our corporate tennis events are usually a 1-day up to 3-day training during weekdays or on weekend. They are hosted in one of our preferred tennis clubs in Barcelona that is selected according to proximity, preference of court surfaces and facilities.

Tennis corporate event is an excellent way to engage with your staff in a more relaxed but yet active setting. We provide professional photographs and engaging video from your tennis event that you can share with your employees.

The sessions are run in a way to encourage different values in your teams such as: teamwork, communication, motivation, cooperation, respect, contribution, shared effort, sense of accomplishment and others. We achieve that through diverse play-based activities and games on the tennis court.

Collaboration and shared effort
Teamwork and communication
Tennis drills and technique

Tennis training program

  • Warm-up activities
  • Simple exercise using tennis racquets and balls (standard and low compression balls) in order to familiarize participants with tennis court and rules of tennis game
  • Team-building games and exercise
  • Team-based tennis quizzes
  • Split into groups for tennis drills and cardio session
  • Play-based activities
  • Cool-down and stretching

Sample itineraries and budgets

We present you a couple of sample itineraries and budgets for a tennis corporate event of 1 and 2 days in Barcelona. Certainly, we will adapt the itinerary and budget of your Corporate Tennis Days depending on the number of participants, duration and your other requirements.

One Day


excl. VAT
  • 15 participants
  • 2-hour tennis training with 2 coaches on 2 courts
  • Cold soft beverages and water
  • Access to Club’s facilities
  • Court equipment: tennis racquets, balls, etc.
  • Tennis gift for all
  • Professional photographs and video
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Two Days Most Popular!


excl. VAT
  • 10 participants
  • Welcome breakfast at the Club x 2 days
  • 3-hour daily tennis training with 2 coaches on 2 courts
  • Cold soft beverages and water
  • Access to Club’s facilities
  • Tournament play and prizes for 1st and 2nd place
  • Lunch x 2 days
  • Tennis gift for all
  • Professional photographs and video
  • Optional: Afternoon / evening activities
  • Optional: Dinner
  • Optional: Accommodation
  • Optional: Transport
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Employee Tennis Training

Perhaps some of your employees would love to do tennis lessons instead of going to the gym after work? If your company is offering their employees gym membership as part of their benefits, why not start offering tennis classes?

There are two Employee Tennis Training packages :

  • Private Tennis Lesson Package – for 1 employee on court
  • Group Tennis Lesson Package – for up to 5 employees on court

It is up to you how many tennis lessons per week you choose for your employees. You can also choose to subsidize part of the price of their tennis classes instead of paying for them in full. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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