Adult Tennis Camps

Join one of our 7-day or weekend long adult tennis camps in many fabulous destinations including Barcelona, Gran Canaria or Majorca.

We organize adult tennis camps in Barcelona and other beautiful spots in Spain as well as internationally. For every camp we carefully choose exotic destination such as an idyllic island or a sunny coast that features excellent tennis facilities. You can go on a 7-day or weekend camp during which you will elevate your tennis game to the next level, boost your fitness level and stamina, meet like-minded tennis players and enjoy many more benefits of tennis holidays.

Tennis Camps in 2021

Currently, we are working hard to plan adult tennis camps in 2021 and our favourite destinations apart from Barcelona are Costa Brava, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. As soon as we have set the dates we will publish them here. However, if you would like to be notified sooner or tell us about your interest, go ahead and drop us a line.



Gran Canaria




What to expect

A tennis camp is a mix of tennis training, physical conditioning, stretching and relaxation, as well as visiting and spending time with other like-minded adults who also have the same passion for tennis. The tennis and fitness parts are usually scheduled in the morning. Then, we enjoy a Spanish lunch together and during afternoons we organize trips and other activities for participants which they are welcome to join. Examples of the afternoon activities that we arranged during our camps included playing golf, sea caving, trekking and hiking.

Those are the benefits of participating in our tennis holidays:

1. Elevate your tennis game to the next level

A tennis camp is a chance for you to make significant leaps in your tennis game. Thanks to an in-person on-court intensive tennis instruction for as long as 15 to 20 or even more hours, you will be able to show real progress and results in a very short period of time. Every tennis training involves warm-up, dynamic stretches, tennis drills, explanations, serving, playing points and static stretches at the end, so it’s a full tennis workout. Also, every tennis session has a couple of specific goals that we cover so overall we cover a lot of themes during one tennis camp.

Currently, you can choose from three carefully-designed tennis programs that cover different objectives:


You will improve your technique, footwork and competitive game. You will start thinking strategically when playing a point. We will use video analysis to improve your technique.


You will improve your fitness, general technique and gain abilities to win more matches against your friends, in both singles and doubles. If you like playing social tennis matches, this is the camp for you.


International Tennis Number is a reference for your consistency, accuracy and depth of all your strokes and this is what you will improve when you join ITN Camp. We will measure your ITN at the beginning and at the end of the camp.

2. Get a video analysis of your shots

Camp Participants

In every camp we are a limited group of 8 like-minded tennis players and 2 tennis coaches. Most of our participants are between 20 and 45 years old and they come from different parts of the world. What we all have in common is love for tennis and fitness. If you want to join us we expect you to bring a smile and your enthusiasm for tennis.