Check out our free online tennis-specific fitness programs! Doing our exercises you will learn how to improve your overall physical shape and performance in order to become a better tennis player. They include a variety of on-court and off-court fitness drills and cardio workouts.

Gaby is a certified fitness trainer for tennis players and the tennis fitness training exercises you will see here are also a part of her personal trainings in Barcelona. She carefully selects and designs her programs to suit tennis players of any level.

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Bosu Ball Series

Take your game to the next level with this unique tennis fitness workout on a Bosu Ball. Objectives:

  • enhance your static and dynamic balance
  • improve your footwork and coordination
  • strengthen your upper and lower body

6 videos | 40 minutes | level: intermediate

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Tabata Tennis Series

Try Japanese-style tabata tennis fitness workout routine designed for tennis players. Objectives:

  • improve your speed, agility and explosiveness
  • boost your physical endurance and power
  • enhance your pulmonary vascular resistance

2 videos | 22 minutes | level: upper intermediate

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