All tennis stances for attacking shots on forehand and backhand

Gaby one-handed backhand, tennis footwork, tennis forehand, two-handed backhand

Let’s explore available tennis stances for attacking shots on forehand and backhand. You will learn the correct footwork to effectively attack the ball and take control of the point. We will explain and demonstrate each stance. He has divided the stances into those used in the back of the court, close to the baseline, and those for the mid-court play when a player is approaching the net.

Simulating the movement of one-handed backhand for beginners

Gaby one-handed backhand, tennis fundamentals, tennis lessons for beginner players

In this tennis lesson, our beginner player is taking the first steps to hit one-handed backhand stroke. She will learn to judge the right distance and height of the ball as well as simulate the basic movement of this tennis shot. We will not need a tennis racket to practice the exercises; however, today we will use tennis balls, soft balls and a medicine ball.