How I train with moderate intensity on the rooftop

Gaby tennis in lockdown

Check out our fitness training to train with moderate intensity.

This is my another fitness training on the rooftop when playing tennis is not possible because our tennis club is closed but it is a great resource for continuing your training when you find the courts unavailable, such as after heavy rainfall or if they are fully booked!

What it means to train with moderate intensity

I did 3 exercises and the whole training took about 30 minutes to accomplish, with a short warm-up and cool-down on top. Every set lasted for 2 minutes followed by 1-minute break. I did 3 sets of each exercise and rested for 2 minutes between them.

I was working at average intensity 55-60% and medium duration of the sets meaning it could be a part of transformation phase in the training periodization plan. Those workouts are usually done between an accumulation and realization macrocycles so in the middle of the tournament preparation period.

Training periodization plan

The training periodization plan in tennis is made of three stages:

  1. the accumulation stage where the player trains for longer periods of time at low intensity, improving their cardio pulmonary resistance
  2. the transformation stage where the player works out at moderate intensity with medium duration of the sets in order to transform the resistance into more intense effort
  3. the realization stage where the player boosts their muscular endurance by training at a high intensity with short rest breaks which is very similar to playing a point in tennis

In order to translate it into a tennis match situation, the first stage builds up resistance in order to be able to endure long 3-set matches, and the third stage allows a player to play out every point at maximum energy levels. The middle stage is just a step to transition between them.

Train with moderate intensity in the middle of your training plan!

For these exercises you will need someone to toss you the balls, but an alternative is that you do shadow motions instead of hitting the ball. Regarding the equipment you will need a tennis racket, soft balls, some cones and an agility ladder. The racket I am using is a custom-made Wilson Clash 100 model and the softer low-pressure balls are with green spot.

In the warm-up I have included the bare minimum which is rope skipping, leg swings, knee and ankle rotations, hips, and shoulder circles. It should take you at least 5 minutes to warm-up. In the cool-down I am doing some static stretches, with a special focus on the legs.

Check out our fitness training to train with moderate intensity.

Exercise 1

Skip and hit forehands and backhands with semi-open stance

2 min work, 1 min rest, 3 sets

Exercise 2

Zigzag and hit forehands and backhands moving forwards

2 min work, 1 min rest, 3 sets

Exercise 3

Split and hit forehand and backhand volleys with semi-open stance

2 min work, 1 min rest, 3 sets