Fitness training on Bosu ball


Incorporate the BOSU Ball when doing tennis fitness drills to improve your footwork and agility. In this video I show you exercises to practice tennis stances, speed up your feet and strengthen leg muscles for better resistance. The BOSU Ball allows any simple exercise to become extra challenging by adding an element of instability to it.


What is a Bosu Ball or Bosu Balance Trainer? It's a fitness equipment that has a flat platform on one side and a rubber dome on the other. You can also use it upside down.

Fitness workouts on BOSU Ball can also help enhance your core strength as you are forced to use your core muscles to stay steady. You will also greatly improve your static and dynamic balance, which is important for preventing injuries.

A good tennis player has a good stability and balance!

Exercises to improve your tennis footwork

In this video I perform 15 exercises. Have a loook at some of them:

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In this video I perform 15 exercises:

  1. Toe Touches
  2. Forward & Backward Jumps (with a tennis racket)
  3. Lateral Jumps (both legs and on one leg)
  4. All-side Jumps
  5. Quick Run & Up
  6. High Knee Hustle
  7. Ankle Touch & Over (with a tennis ball)
  8. Switch Lunges
  9. Lunge & Twist (with a tennis racket)
  10. Power Skip & Lunge
  11. Forward & Back Lunge Jumps
  12. Side Lunges & Over (with a tennis racket and shadow swings)
  13. Side Lunges on One Side (with a tennis racket and shadow swings)
  14. Alternating Lunges
  15. Single Leg Lift with a Twist

BOSU Ball Series

1: Improve your tennis footwork
2: Build up strength with elastic bands
3: Enhance your coordination and power
4: Train your endurance with medicine balls
5: Get more explosive with a weight bar
6: Gain power for tennis shots on court

tabata Series

1: Upper Body Tabata
2: Lower Body Tabata

coming soon