All tennis stances for attacking shots on forehand and backhand

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Let’s explore available tennis stances for attacking shots on forehand and backhand. You will learn the correct footwork to effectively attack the ball and take control of the point. We will explain and demonstrate each stance. He has divided the stances into those used in the back of the court, close to the baseline, and those for the mid-court play when a player is approaching the net.

Learn 4 basic tennis stances for forehand and backhand

Gaby tennis footwork, tennis fundamentals, tennis lessons for beginner players

In this tennis lesson Javi is explaining basic footwork and four tennis stances for each forehand and backhand shots. He will show you how each stance looks like and for what type of ball or in what play situation you would use each of them. These tennis stances are important for beginner players who are just starting to play points and want to expand their footwork options. Having good footwork and mobility is the basis of any tennis shot.