Tennis Fitness Mix Lessons in Barcelona

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At Fit In Tennis, we run four different group tennis sessions in Barcelona where all players are welcome to join. The best way to sign up for these classes is on our Meetup Page.

All group tennis lessons include: tennis coaching, balls and other court equipment, court fee, showers, and a tennis racquet if you need one. Apart from free racquet rental, those players who wish to try a high-end racquet we rent 2015/2016 Babolat and Wilson models for 5-10€. In case of groups for beginners we might use low-compression tennis balls as they make it easier to learn. In 95% of classes we play on clay courts. We only use hard courts if clay courts are not available (due to weather or tournaments).

All group tennis lessons are delivered in Spanish or English, depending on participants.

Weekend Tennis Lessons

On Saturdays and Sundays · 90 min · ratio 1:5 (advanced 1:4) · all tennis skills

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Technical & Skill Clinics

On weekdays · 60 min · ratio 1:5 · focused on specific skills such as serve

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Cardio Tennis Workouts

On weekdays · 45 or 60 min · ratio 1:8 · focused on cardio and fitness exercise

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Weekday Adult School

On weekdays · 60 or 90 min long · ratio 1:4 · most common tennis skills

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Tennis Fitness Mix

What is Tennis Fitness Mix?

This fitness-based tennis lesson is a blend of tennis and cardio workout. It is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.

All tennis levels from beginners to advanced can participate. However, the minimum number of players in this workout is 4 so it’s a lot of fun too.

Practiced skills and class structure

There are three components of the Tennis & Fitness Mix session of 45-60 min:

  • 5-10 min of warm-up activities (jogging, dynamic stretches, fun game)
  • 35-45 min of cardio tennis activities (drill-based and play-based)
  • 5 min of cool down activities
Tennis Technique
Fun and positive energy

Ratio and Price

Are you a morning person or do you want to become one? If one of the answers in YES, then you will love our early morning Tennis & Fitness Mix sessions on Mondays at 7:45 am. Instead of going to the gym, do the workout on a tennis court, burn calories and stay active for the rest of the day.

When: Mondays 7:45am
Ratio: minimum 4 players and maximum 8
Price: 7€ for 45 min

You can join those fitness tennis sessions on Meetup.

Cancellation policy

When a participant cancels the lesson:

* There is a 24h cancellation notice. If you cancel later, you agree to pay 7€ for the class. We would not charge you for the class only if you or us find a replacement player.

When we cancel the lesson:

* due to bad weather: if the situation with weather is unclear we would confirm or cancel the latest 1 hour before the class. If it’s clear it’s not possible to play due to weather we will cancel as soon as we know, usually 2-3 hours before the class.

* due to not having enough students who signed up: we run tennis fitness mix lessons with minimum 4 players. If there is less players interested in joining the class (1 to 3) we either cancel the class or suggest other options like joining on another day, do a group lesson, etc. We usually wait until 3 hours before the class to see if enough students have signed up.

Enquire about group tennis lessons

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