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At Fit In Tennis, we offer tennis coaching programs and other tennis services in Barcelona. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, here you will find the right tennis program or event for you.

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Group Tennis Lessons

We run four different group tennis sessions in Barcelona where all players are welcome. The best way to sign up for these classes is on our Meetup Page.

All prices include: tennis coaching, balls and other court equipment, court fee, showers, and a tennis racquet if you need one. Apart from free racquet rental, those players who wish to try a high-end racquet we rent 2015/2016 Babolat and Wilson models for 5-10€.

All group tennis lessons are delivered in Spanish or English, depending on participants.

1. Weekend Group Sessions

These classes are happening on Saturdays and Sundays and are 90 minutes long. There are maximum 5 players on court, usually 4. We focus on most common tennis skills: forehand, backhand, footwork, net approach, volley, serving and receiving. We play points and stretch at the end of each session.

For Beginners to Intermediate Players:
Ratio: maximum 5 players to one coach & one court
Price: 19€ for 90 min
First class: only 9€
5-class voucher: 85€ (pay up front and get cheaper classes)

For Advanced Players:
Ratio: maximum 4 players to one coach & one court
Price: 21€ for 90 min
First class: 21€
5-class voucher: 95€ (pay up front and get cheaper classes)

2. Technical and Skill Clinics

During Technical and Skill Clinics we focus on only one element of the tennis game which could be: a technique in a specific stroke, body movement and weight transfer, footwork and reaction time, ITN Assessment, etc.

Currently, we run two technical and skill clinics: Serve Clinics and ITN-based clinics with ITN Assessment.

Every Friday afternoon, we run SERVE Clinics for Beginners and Intermediate Players to learn correct technical skills of serving in tennis and tactics involving serving and returning like “serve and volley” or “how to get an advantage returning a point”. Serve and return are the two most frequent shots in tennis.

When: Fridays at 3:30PM
Ratio: maximum 5 players to one coach & one court
Price: 12€ for 60 min
5-class voucher: 50€ (pay up front and get cheaper classes)

Some of our group tennis sessions might be ITN-based where we focus on the evaluation and improvement of the ITN. During these sessions we work on consistency, accuracy, power, depth and mobility. We mostly hit groundstrokes, volleys and serves.

Join these classes on Meetup.

3. Tennis Fitness Mix

Tennis Fitness Mix or Cardio Tennis is a fitness-based tennis program. It is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.
All tennis levels from beginners to advanced can participate.

Currently, we run cardio tennis on Mondays at 7:45am. You can join those sessions on Meetup and start burning calories!

Ratio: minimum 4 players and maximum 8
Price: 7€ for 45 min

4. Weekday Adult School

For those of you who have 8-5 working schedule the best time to train is after work, somewhere between 7 and 9 pm. This is when we organize Adult School during weekdays from Monday to Thursday. For more information email us.

Tennis Tournaments

If you want to play a real tennis match, the perfect opportunity is by joining one of our one-day social tournaments or monthly leagues. Everyone who plays tennis can join, just check if the tournament is for your level!

Adult Tennis Holidays

We organize adult tennis camps in Barcelona and other beautiful spots in Spain as well as internationally. Carefully chosen exotic locations such as islands and sunny coasts feature excellent tennis facilities. You can go on a 7-day or weekend camp during which you will elevate your tennis game to the next level, boost your fitness level and stamina, meet like-minded tennis players and enjoy many more benefits of such active holidays. In every camp we are a limited group of 8 like-minded tennis players and 2 tennis coaches. Most of our participants are between 20 and 45 years old and they come from different parts of the world.

Usually a 7-day camp costs between 450€ and 550€ and includes tennis training, private lesson, fitness training, lunches, video analysis, social play, tournaments, and many more.

Kids Tennis Camps

We invite children (10-17 yrs) and their tutors or parents to spend tennis holidays in Barcelona. Especially in summer, during school holidays we offer tennis camps for kids, both local and international. We have all-inclusive packages for international kids from China, U.S. or other countries. Every child will receive quality tennis coaching on clay courts from top Spanish tennis coaches. Apart from playing tennis, they will also visit Barcelona, go on full-day and half-day cultural trips, learn Spanish and mingle with local people. We provide tennis training, accommodation, meals, extra activities, trips, translators, etc.

Request a personalized package by email.

Tennis Events

Apart from Group Tennis Sessions during which our participants can get to know each other, we love organizing social events and bring everybody together. Have a look at our upcoming social events on Facebook.

ITN Assessments

The ITN (International Tennis Number) is a standard rating system for amateur tennis players who play regularly and represents their general level of play. The ITN is recognized internationally as a method of measuring the improvement in accuracy, consistency and depth of strokes.

Players are rated on a scale of 10 levels, from ITN 1 to ITN 10. ITN 1 represents a high level player (holding an ATP / WTA ranking or of an equivalent playing standard). ITN 10 is a player who is new to the game and beginning their competitive journey in tennis.

To find more information about ITN, go to Tennis Play and Stay.

During the ITN On-Court Assessment we measure 5 key elements of tennis game:

• Groundstroke Depth (includes power and consistency elements)
• Volley Depth (includes power and consistency elements)
• Groundstroke Accuracy (includes power and consistency elements)
• Serve (includes power and consistency elements)
• Mobility

10€ – Group ITN Assessment, minimum 3 and maximum 5 players, 60min. Check Meetup for next ITN Assessments.
25€ – Individual ITN Assessment, 1 player, 30min.

After you’ve completed the assessment you will receive a Certificate with your ITN Rating and detailed scores.

A good way to prepare yourself for the ITN Assessment is to take ITN-based group tennis lessons.

Racquet Rental

We’ve always provided free racquet rental for all tennis students who needed a racquet during our tennis sessions. And we will continue renting basic Babolat racquets for free so just let us know that you need a racquet. However, for those of you who would like to try high-end tennis racquets made with all the latest technologies and materials for the best control and power, we’ve prepared a few excellent models.

free – all basic racquets (285g of weight) – perfect for all beginners players
5€ – Babolat Aero Pro Lite (260g of weight) – perfect for beginners and intermediate players who want to try a light racquet
10€ – Babolat Pure Aero (300g of weight) – as of 2016 Rafa Nadal is playing with this racquet model – perfect for intermediate players
10€ – Wilson Blade (300g of weight) – as of 2016 Serena Williams is playing with this racquet model – perfect for intermediate players

Rafael Nadal Tennis Racquet Babolat Pure Areo
Serena Williams Wilson Tennis Racquet

Advice on Tennis Gear

During the years playing and coaching tennis, we’ve got to know a lot of brands and products. We’ve tried racquets, shoes and clothes from Babolat, Head, Wilson, Asics, New Balance, Nike and many more! Thanks to our experience we are well informed and ready to help our students choose the right tennis gear for them. We recommend and advise daily on racquets, strings, tennis shoes and other gear.

We’ve also recently signed up a partnership with probably The Best Tennis Store in Barcelona – Leader Sport. All our students can enjoy 10-20% discount on all tennis equipment there. You just let the owner know that you’re a tennis student of Fit In Tennis coaches and they will show you the right tennis stuff for you and in line with your budget.

Tienda Leader Sport
Tienda Leader Sport
Tienda Leader Sport

Partner Matching

If you’re new to Barcelona and don’t yet have tennis buddies to play with, just shout out to us and we’ll match you with the right group of players. Last time we checked we knew about 300 tennis players in Barcelona, ready to have a hit with a passionate tennis player like you.

Tennis Calendar

Every week we are super busy giving you the best tennis experience in Barcelona. However, on some weeks we are in some exotic location running a tennis camp, or on a business project, or simply on holidays. Check our our Tennis Calendar with current information about available times for tennis classes, dates for organized adult tennis camps, tennis events and tennis tournaments as well as times when we aren’t available. You can enter each event, get more details and export it to Google Calendar, Outlook and other calendar services.

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